So, I’ve been on my startup journey for a while now. I recently run into a chat about startup fundraising with other founders.

I’ve participated in a couple of pre-seed accelerators and I often find advice for startup fundraising is confusing and complex so I summarize my research on SEC rules regarding solicitation in startup fundraising here.

Is it ok to tweet my startup fundraising round and finding investors?

Actually, it turns out we can solicit startup fundraising under SEC exemption 506(c) but it’ll limit us to taking investments from only accredit investors for that round. i.e. you need to verify that all of your investors are accredit investors and you cannot…

It’s been a year since my 2017 MacBook Pro gone out of warranty and I was getting heatline in the bottom of the display, and also left speaker busted. According to Apple Store Union Square San Francisco, replacing monitor is one way to fix the headline but it cost me like $600 + tax so I decided to go with repair guides I found on

Guides I used on iFixit:

🈂️ Replacing thermal paste on 2017 MacBook Pro 15-inch

It did the job at least for me, but there is no written instructions or the list of screws and parts, and a only video showing the entire process…

Feminism is the complicated enterprise of achieving equality of women and men and among all people. Feminism is about the elimination of all forms of hierarchy, all systems of domination. - Bettina Aptheker

Let me talk about The Empire Zinc Strike, which is a remarkable feminist event because:

The Empire Zinc strike became a feminist event by evolving from worker’s strike for racial equality. Then the strike expanded to household concerns such as sanitation and equal housing rights as their wives became part of the strike as supporters. The strike has grown historical fight between capitalism and socialism, government and citizens, and women took over strike when men were prohibited from the strike by the court. The strike ended dramatically with a victory led by women.

As this event takes place in civil rights activism led by women, I can see the picture of a woman with a…

I just had to think deeply about the recent mass shooting and why an attacker’s personality is often associated with mental health issues.

And that got me also thinking about how can I make people agree with the idea who disagrees with that idea. In this case, gun restrictions in the United States.

So, my question is this:
Does excluding people diagnosed some mental illness from gun communities really making our environment safer?

Before diving into the conclusion, here I want to share my storying telling strategy that I prototyped from doing a self-hosted Ted Talk in my room by…

Here I’m dropping a quick notes about steps I took to get vaccinated in San Francisco. I hope you’ll find this helpful when it’s your turn.

  1. Check your eligibility

Go to these websites and fill forms with information about you to see if you are eligible, and know what tire you belong to since vaccination eligibility open-up for tire by tire.

> You’ll make appointment here if you are eligible

> City has its notification system

2. Sign up for Vaccine Notify

If you are not eligible then you will prompted to signup form for the…

Wouldn’t it be great if there is a magic word to open or close your essential apps at once?

It will be a lot of time saver and make your life easier a little bit, right?

So let’s set it up in < 10 minutes and save time by making a single command to do it instead of manually open/close one at a time.

Launching apps from terminal 👾

If you want to launch macOS app from terminal, it would be like

$ open -a 'Google Chrome'

Launch spotlight box with command + space and type app name is easier than launch Terminal and type…

A guides to install macOS Big Sur like Bootcamp

How to freshly install macOS Big Sur in the same Drive with macOS Catalina like you do it with Bootcamp.


So you are using Intel Mac and want to update to Big Sur but something is tell you to stop?

Rather than waiting all of your favorite apps to be well tuned for Big Sur and update your current system entirely, thanks to flexibility of APFS container volume, you can install Big Sur separately like Bootcamp.

If you are going to, backup your mac and let’s get started. 🤩

Household stuff:

⏳ Time to follow through this setup: about 2 hours?
👏🏻 Destroy clap icon for twitter algorithm when you ready.

1. Download macOS Big Sur

Yes, download only and don’t complete update from Software Update


I previously explained what is Financial Independence, Retired Early a.k.a. F.I.R.E. movement.

I want to highlighted the Trinity study in here again. It’s originally published in 1998 and widely used to determine withdrawal rate 4% (with no fees added) for long-term investments.

The withdrawal rate can be anywhere between 3–5% depends on how much risk you can accumulate and also depending on fees as well. Considering stock market is much better place today compare to back in 1998. So a 3% withdrawal rate is even more practical for long-term F.I.R.E. with inflation, tax, fees all considered.

Today, I wanted to…

Let’s say I created an AI life coach app with gpt-3 but (a) how would I prevent users from committing a crime by the result of action taken by the app? OR (b) how would I prevent my app from giving crime guides to users?

(a) is a legal concern and (b) is more like ethical concern. For both cases, I think that I should either limit the ability of the app or train AI model with laws and court cases which essentially set up AI law school and train it like AI lawyer.

Anyhow, I think that commercial level compliance should be necessary out form the box when gpt-3 like general-purpose AI model widely becomes available.

Open AI admits that even gpt-2 can be fine-tuned for misuse.
GPT-2 can be fine-tuned for misuse

Good problems.

This is things about money I wanted to know before I become an adult.

I have some confession to make, and that is, I was not serious about money my entire life in many ways. I didn’t have to be serious initially, and the problem was no one taught me about it. Every time my family gave me a ridiculously big check for various occasions, the only thing I could think was how to spend them all. Fast forward, I’m now 21 years old and don’t have anything saved up. …

Mei Okubo

She/Her/Hers, CS/Law student, Autism/ADHD, gen z, CA (USA) 🌈

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